Safe Sport – Make A Report

Do you want to make a confidential report about misconduct of any type, or pass along some general feedback to Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming (NSAS) or Canada Artistic Swimming (CAS)?

Clicking on the “Make a Report” button allows you to send information to NSAS’s external, independent Triage Officer through the third-party complaint/feedback intake process managed by Alias, Ligne de Signalement Inc. of Montreal.

If you’d like to gain a more in-depth understanding of this process, we invite you to read the policies contained within the CAS Safe and Welcoming Sport Policy Suite.

Reports can be made to Alias by phone at 1 877-574-2331 or by clicking on the button.

What does the “Make a Report” button do?

The “Make a Report” button takes the user to a bilingual, standardized, third-party, independent feedback and complaint reporting mechanism managed by Alias, which forwards the reports to an independent Triage Officer.

Who is Alias

Alias, Ligne de Signalement Inc. of Montreal is a company that:

  • Specializes in prevention, detection and investigation of wrongdoing – harassment in the workplace and conduct issues in sport;
  • Offers a modern and secure, confidential and caring communication tool;
  • Serves a diversified clientele, they connect with over 2.5 million potential users;
  • Maintains a State-of-the-Art reporting mechanism meeting international standards and professional services in the management of reports of all kinds.

What is the purpose of the button?

The button provides access to a third-party and confidential service whose goal is to:

  • Protect the athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and volunteers and the organization by enforcing the CAS safe and welcoming sport policy suite;
  • Allow the organization to identify and address problematic situations or unacceptable behaviors when they happen;
  • Allow the organization to take care of an emerging problem and to be proactive in its resolution;
  • Support the commitment to safe and welcoming sport and increase the confidence of the public and families;
  • Provide a standard reporting tool to capture written information in a consistent manner.

How does it work?

Accessing the “Make a Report” button allows anyone in artistic swimming to provide confidential information to a third party, independent Triage Officer who will follow up with the report-writer within 2 business days (for conduct related issues).  Reports identified by the writer as general feedback are sent to the relevant organization for follow-up – in most cases in 5 business days.

What are the benefits of an online reporting mechanism?

  • Anonymity of the author of a report if desired
  • Information security
  • Centralization of various subjects within one report mechanism
  • The reporting mechanism is available 24/7 online or by telephone at 1 877-574-2331
  • Communication with the author of the report through Alias is possible even if the reports are anonymous

Is my information safe and confidential?

Yes, reports can be made anonymously and the system is 100% confidential.  When a report is filed, the author is invited to create a log-in password to enable them to re-access their own report.  Only the appropriate Triage Officer will have access to the details and will communicate through the system with the report author.

Is there a cost to use the “Make a Report” button?

No, it is free to use the “Make a Report” button.