If you are a parent, official, volunteer or previous artistic swimming athlete you too can be a coach! Coaching is a field that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds.

Coaches and officials play key roles in sports. Coaches act as mentors, motivators and leaders. Along with parents and teachers, coaches have a profound impact on the future of our children. It’s a great responsibility, and Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming is committed to providing coaches and coach developers with access to development and education opportunities, support mechanisms and funding resources to continue the pursuit of coaching excellence across Nova Scotia.


Launched in 1974, the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is the CAC’s flagship program, and has been identified as a world leader in coach education. It is currently the largest adult continuing education program in Canada. The NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is designed & delivered in partnership with the government of Canada, provincial/territorial governments, and national/provincial/territorial sport organizations.


Canada Artistic Swimming offers the following NCCP programs.

AquaGO! Instructor: This workshop is aimed at recreational level coaches who have no prior coaching experience. Covering the fundamentals of figures, skill development, routine basics, and safety in the water, this workshop will prepare participants to teach artistic swimming to beginners.

Competition – Introduction: Intended for coaching competitive athletes aged 8 to 15, this two-day course focuses on planning, long-term athlete development, and performance analysis.

Competition – Development: Designed for coaches of National stream athletes aged 12-16, this 4.5-day workshop focuses on developing a yearly training plan, including monthly and weekly installments, and on training techniques for figures and routines of national level athletes. In a classroom setting coaches will learn about developing athletic abilities, managing a program, analyzing figure and routine abilities and performance planning.

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Please email to express interest in registering for a course.


Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming encourages coaches and officials of all levels to seek opportunities for professional development. Financial assistance is available through Sport Nova Scotia for those who wish to expand and enhance.  For more information please contact