Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming has a number of clubs throughout Nova Scotia offering Recreational, Competitive and Masters’ programs.

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Recreational AquaGO! Program   

The AquaGO! Program offer young athletes a chance to focus on fun and fitness while developing fundamental artistic swimming skills.  These programs may stand alone or be an entry or beginner level within an established club. AquaGO! groups are invited to participate in club’s shows and/or demonstrations. All instructors are certified AquaGO! coaches and program assistants.

Competitive Program

Swimmers are considered to be part of the Competitive program when they are registered as competitive and eligible to compete. Competitive artistic swimming is open to anyone interested in pursuing the sport beyond the recreational level. This program is designed for swimmers who are interested in enhancing their artistic swimming skills and learning complex figures, and routines.

The Atlantic Competitive Program conducts its events under the guidelines set out in the CAS and FINA rule books. However, to enhance the competitive program in the Atlantic region some modifications have been made. The Atlantic program is an Age Group based program as follows, which uses figures adopted by Canada Artistic Swimming for Provincial Stream Athletes, and figures adopted by the Atlantic development Committee for Novice athletes.

Age Groups*
Provincial Stream Novice Provincial Stream
  10 & under
11-12 11-12
13 & Over 13-15
  16 & Over

* Age of the athlete must be inside the age bracket as of December 31st of that competitive year.

Provincial Stream Novice

The Novice category is for swimmers 11 years and older who are unable to stream directly into the Provincial Stream Age group categories. This category is open to first time competitive swimmers 11 years of age and older. Novice age groups are 11-12 and 13 & over. Swimmers may stay in this category for NO MORE than ONE (1) consecutive season. Once an athlete moves into provincial stream they cannot return to Novice. Athletes may swim ONE (1) routine, team or duet.  There are no solos or combos in Novice.

Provincial Stream

A competitive program based on basic to intermediate artistic swimming skills that incorporates individual skills, fitness, and creative routines. Swimmers develop their figures skills, strength flexibility, and endurance and practice a team routine that will be performed in competitions. The Competitive Teams have the opportunity to compete within the province as well as different locations across Atlantic Canada.

This Provincial Stream (PS) consists of a number of age categories where skills become increasingly more challenging as they move up. Age groups are PS 9-10, PS 11-12, PS 13-15, and PS 16 & Over. Swimmers who have swum in the National stream may return to the Provincial stream to swim in the following competitive season.

Provincial Stream teams are governed by the Atlantic Competitive Program Rules.

National Stream

The National Stream category is for swimmers 13 years and older who are interested in pursuing excellence, committed to more intensive training focused on perfecting their artistic swimming and swimming skills, flexibility, endurance, strength training, performance skills, and mental training. The National Stream Teams have the opportunity to compete at both provincial and national competitions.

National Stream (NS) consists of a number of age categories where skills become increasingly more challenging as they move up. Age groups are NS 13-15, Junior (15-18) and Senior (15 & Over).  National Stream teams are governed by the CAS Official Rule Book.

Masters (Recreational and Competitive)

The Masters’ program provides an opportunity for adults 19 and over to come together, socialize and have fun. Swimmers, with varying degrees of swimming competency can enhance their physical fitness, endurance and stroke improvement, while they learn, and improve upon, their artistic swimming skills, such as figures and routines which will later be organized into routine components and choreographed to music. Masters’ teams are governed by the CAS Official Rule Book. Teams have the opportunity to compete at Provincial, Regional, National and International competitions.