About Us

Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming is an incorporated not for profit sports organization.  It is a branch of the national body, Canada Artistic Swimming, and subscribes to and supports their objectives;

  1. To promote, teach, foster and improve the sport of Artistic Swimming.
  2. To stimulate public opinion in favour of providing proper accommodations, adequate facilities and trained personnel for teaching and developing artistic swimming.
  3. To regulate amateur artistic swimming under its jurisdiction and deal with any infringements thereof.
  4. To establish and maintain standards of certification of coaches and officials.

Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming Mission Statement

To promote, develop and support artistic swimming through the implementation of an integrated sports system that is accessible to all Nova Scotians by providing opportunities for enjoyment and the pursuit of an individual’s goals.

Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming Services

In an effort to meet its objectives, Nova Scotia Artistic Swimming provides a multitude of services to the general public as well as those individuals directly involved in the Artistic Swimming community.  Some of these services include;

  • Acting as a reference and resource throughout the province for all matters relating to Artistic Swimming at a local, Atlantic, national and international level. This involves providing access to instructional videos, courses, consultations and various communication efforts such as newsletters and promotional presentations.
  • Taking a leadership role on the Atlantic Development Committee which is the main decision-making body for the development of programs, rules and regulations affecting Atlantic Competitions.
  • Attending relevant Canada Artistic Swimming events to represent the concerns and viewpoints of Nova Scotia Athletes and Officials and to communicate national developments to the local community.
  • Organizing courses and skill clinics for athletes, officials, judges and coaches while ensuring the maintenance of standards in sports service delivery
  • Sponsoring and organizing all provincial, inter-provincial and, in turn, Atlantic competitions held in Nova Scotia
  • Developing and monitoring several initiatives to enhance the “Fair Play” philosophy, technical excellence and sportsmanship in artistic swimming including Coach Code of Ethics and Behaviour, Swimmer Contracts, Athlete-Centered Policy, and Equity and Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures.